1Car Rental Corfu Ermones , Rent a car Corfu by Corfu Vip Services

1Car Rental Corfu , Ermones by: Corfu Vip Services

First-class choice and first-class safety

1Car Rental Corfu - Ermones, provides car rental services and experience consistently for the past 11 years, offering innovative services and a unique driving experience.

The absolute experience for the users of our vehicles, excellent customer care and safety comprise a threefold of security and reliability which makes your holiday pleasant and carefree.

We provide 24hour customer support, roadside assistance and high quality services at the lowest prices.


Driving safety is our first priority, as we protect you and your fellow passengers assuring expert car servicing and high standard tires for our cars.

1Car Rental means first-class services and first-class safety!

1Car Rental Corfu , Ermones

Join now our excelent cars and services !

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