Wiki How to Drive a Car Safely , Avoid distractions

Wiki How to Drive a Car Safely , Avoid distractionsAvoid distractions. Being distracted while driving is a bad idea, as you can’t give your full attention to the road and your reaction time becomes slower as a result.

Using cell phones while driving — whether you’re making a call, texting or doing something else — is seriously detrimental in terms of its effect on your attention to driving. If you need to make a call, pull over and stop the car first.

Aside from using cell phones, a distraction counts as anything that takes your full attention off the road, whether it’s fiddling with the radio, checking or applying make-up, or eating food. All of these things should be avoided.

Also be careful when driving with children and pets, as they can be a potential distraction. Make sure children are secured with seat belts and pets are contained in a pet carrier.


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